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Hello Birds! We’re Celebrating Migration with a Festival of Activities!

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Our Annual Bird Count is quickly approaching! Our Bird Count coincides with World Migratory Bird Day! This year, we are leading up to our Eagle Point Bird Count with a Festival of Bird Focused events! We'd like to thank Obsidian Energy Ltd…

50 Birds of Eagle Point & Blue Rapids Parks System

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Download the 50 Birds Checklist! If you'd like to try a new activity with your family, why not give birding a go?  It's a little like Poke-Mon - but you have to hunt for birds using clues like habitat and range! Download our new 50 Bird…

Let’s Go Birding in Drayton Valley

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Trending and Good for your Health! Birding, the act of observing birds in their natural habitats, has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. Birding is guaranteed to get you outside so you can build connections to the natural world.…

Eagle Point Provincial Park to host Citizen Science Project

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Spring Means Get Outside and Explore Parks! The days are longer, the nights are warmer! The sounds of geese and robins fill the air! Spring is in full swing in Drayton Valley! This mild spring weather makes it so inviting to explore the local…

Ten Good Things to do with your Family this Spring

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Spring is a timed of renewed energy, increasing daylight hours, warmer temperatures accompanied by the return of birds and greenery! Celebrate all things spring with your family!  How many of the following activities will your family try this…

Create Your Own Outdoor Christmas Tree for the Birds!

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Feeding Birds in Winter In the depths of winter, a flock of colourful birds visiting your home  is reward enough, but for the birds, a visit to feeders helps them get through those long months of cold.  In west central Alberta, feeding stations…

Winter is Coming Education Links

WINTER is coming! Enjoy these informative links! ADVENTURE SMART. Great information on being prepared when you’re heading out for winter activities. Snowshoeing for Beginners - an article to inspire you to learn to snowshoe! With winter…

Match and Unscramble Activities!

Humans and animals face challenges when winter arrives! Test your winter knowledge with these two activities that you can do on a cold winter day!  Check your answers below.   Answers to How do Animals Adapt to Winter: Bats…

Pond Dipping

Wonders of Wetlands is our most popular Environmental Education program. Kids love pond dipping! Turn it into a family adventure by visiting a wetland to discover who and what lives there. The best time for pond dipping is early June until early…

Learning Links for the Camping Issue

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Take the Camping Issue Learning Further with these handy links! If you're thinking about building a fire on your camping trip, check for Alberta Fire Bans at www.albertafirebans.ca Want Shelter or Fort Ideas?  Read Eagle Point-Blue…

Whose Song is it Anyways? A Bird Sound Challenge!

Bird Sound Challenge - Two Ways to get your kids to connect with nature through bird sounds! Video or quiz format!

Connecting Kids to Nature with Bird Bingo

Your kids will "Connect" to Nature with Eagle Point Bird Bingo!

Eagle Point Nature News Volume 2

Good Stuff to do with your Kids - Part 2 - Puddles and Wild Birds' Eggs By Kathy Schwengler, Education & Outreach Coordinator, EPBR Parks Council Download your Copy of Eagle Point Nature News Vol 2 This morning, I was out catching…

Brrr…How do they Survive?

Winter and Wildlife You’ve probably seen the meme of the cougar looking in through the patio door.  It says, “If you’re cold, they’re cold, bring them inside.” Of course, the meme is meant to make you laugh, but then you think about…

Be a Local Scientist on Global Big Day!

Join us on May 4, 2019 for Global Big Day and be a part of a global bird count. On May 11, at 11:00 am, join us for Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Tipi Rising Ceremony including a ceremonial smudge with our Metis Local partners.

Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council takes part in Global Big Day!

Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council takes part in Global Big Day! by Kathy Schwengler, Education & Outreach Coordinator for Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council. On Saturday, May 5,  2018, join us for a day of birding at 3…

Spring – Weather and Wildlife

By Kathy Schwengler, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council The general consensus here in the Drayton Valley area is that this winter has gone on far too long!  We all must agree that in Alberta, one has…

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