50 Birds of Eagle Point & Blue Rapids Parks System

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Download the 50 Birds Checklist!

If you’d like to try a new activity with your family, why not give birding a go?  It’s a little like Poke-Mon – but you have to hunt for birds using clues like habitat and range!

Download our new 50 Bird Brochure/Checklist and get started this spring!  We’ve provided 50 somewhat easy to find birds as well as a few “hints” to specific locations/trails that you might find the birds at.

Once you’ve conquered this 50 Bird Checklist, you can download our full bird checklist for the two parks.

We recommend that you start with short trips to your local parks and trails.  If you can afford a pair of binoculars, they will really help you get a closer look at our tree top friends!

Another helpful tool is the MERLIN bird app.  Download it and it will help you identify birds by size, colour, shape, etc. and it can help you identify bird songs, too!

Download the 50 Birds of Eagle Point and Blue Rapids Parks Systems Brochure