Plants, Animals and Geology

A look into the Natural History of our parks

For visitors to Eagle Point Provincial Parks and Blue Rapids Provincial Recreation Area, there are many great opportunities for immersing oneself in nature through activities such as hiking, canoeing, archery, skiing, bird watching and wildlife viewing. There is also an incredible world to explore in the parks and much to learn.

The Rotary Pembina Nordic Community South Trails are located just adjacent to the east side of Drayton Valley. The 7 km of trails are well travelled and border the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Stay above the embankment or hike down to the flats.

The Hilltop and Hillside Trails. Located on the east side of the North Saskatchewan River, these trails meander up and down the steep terrain of the North Saskatchewan River embankments. Hiking these trails promises to be a heart pumping experience. Good opportunities for birding from Pileated Woodpeckers to Bald Eagles to Western Tanagers! From Hillside Trails, one can connect to Riverside Trails, which leads to Willey West Campground. The cliffs in the day use area are a great place to view Peregrine Falcons and bank swallows.

We have lists of plants, birds and water birds, mammals, fish, and vegetation communities. Start with these lists and add additional species that you see. Also check out the parks’ special natural features.