Education Program Catalog

What Are People Saying?

“I highly recommend your programming to every science teacher I know in the area.  You should also know that many science teachers in this province, that I have networked with over the years, have expressed how they wish they could have this opportunity available to their students.”

“Thank you for giving us the chance to experience new things like snowshoes and to have such a fun, adventurous day.”

“In my school, I am known as the Field Trip Queen.  I am very picky on what constitutes an excellent field trip.  The Parks Council staff checked all the boxes!  They are creative, adaptable, and tremendously knowledgeable.  They offer an outstanding experience.”

“I like how the activities were hands on and you could observe the animals up close.”

“I thought it was all in all amazing because I liked how you could observe and catch things.”

“(Being Outdoors) makes me feel good inside”

“I hope you keep giving students like me the amazing opportunity to learn about beautiful trees and forests, and everything that lives in them”

“Overall, I like the program because it taught us how we should not disturb the wetlands and protect them.”