A Van on a Mission

Our mission is simple: to make provide more nature education, adventure, and programming to everyone we possibly can.

By 2025, we envision the Nature Navigator rolling into communities, sparking curiosity, fostering education and connection with nature.

What is the Nature Navigator?

A van, not just any van, but a hub of environmental education and programming on wheels.

This van is about bringing more nature education and adventure to more communities. It will be the packhorse we have long needed. It will store everything from educational resources to colorful displays, and equipment for adventures outdoors.

How Will the Nature Navigator Impact Our Communities?

Why is this project essential? Because we want to make more nature education accessible to everyone.

Every year, thousands of individuals participate in nature-based programs. But with the rising cost of transportation, and demand for outdoor programing, the Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council finds itself increasingly reliant on mobile programs to reach communities and schools. The Nature Navigator changes that.

You Can Get Involved

Your support matters.

With a fundraising goal of $90,000, every dollar counts. Whether it’s a small donation or a corporate sponsorship (get your company name of the back of the van), your contribution will make a difference. Together, we can ensure that the Nature Navigator hits the road in 2025.

Contact Sandra Bannard at (780) 898-7275 to get involved!