Be a Local Scientist on Global Big Day!


Citizen Science and You.

You can now participate in all kinds of Citizen Science projects across the globe, often by using simple apps on your smart device!  The data you collect provides meaningful and important information to organizations who use it for research, education and conservation.  Citizen scientists can access a much larger area than scientists could ever hope to, making research more cost effective while amassing a great deal of data.

In 2015, there were around 82 active citizen science projects in Alberta!  Some examples are Bat Watch, Wildlife Preservation Canada’s Bumble Bee Survey, Water RangersAlberta Plant Watch and Citizen Science for Alberta Fisheries.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology is one organization who has taken Citizen Science to a global scale with their eBird app.  EBird started out as a way for birders to share their sightings, but has evolved into a powerful tool for collecting data on bird populations, range and habitat worldwide.


On May 4, you too can be a Citizen Scientist right here in the Drayton Valley area!  Join our Eagle Point Team in our second annual bird count on Global Big Day using the eBird tool.  In 2018, we participated with 30,000 birders worldwide!  We counted 44 species on our trek through the Parks and Buck Lake.  (We were about 100 species short of the 144 species of birds we can expect to find in this area).

Three ways to participate:

  • Join us at Willey West Campground at 7:00 am (Access is off Hwy 22, east of Drayton Valley bridge)
  • We need backyard bird counts too! Submit your bird ids, # of birds and your observation locations to or call Kathy at 780-542-1932 with your submission.
  • You can download our bird species list to record your observations here Bird Species List for Observers Version 2
  • Join us at Buck Lake at 10:00 am ( Take Hwy 22 to Twp 470, then head east to the lake; we’ll be at the Alder Flats Fish and Game Group Camp located on Buck Lake).

Let’s double last year’s bird count!! We welcome novice birders to our team!  Bring binoculars, water, snacks and appropriate clothing!

For more information, visit our website at or contact Kathy at 780-542-1932.

We’re excited to announce the following event!

Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council Tipi Raising Ceremony

Saturday, May 11, 2019  Willey West Campground Park Field at 11:00 AM

You are invited to observe a traditional ceremonial smudge, watch a Tipi Raising and gain understanding of the significance of the Tipi in Metis Culture.  This event is free and open to the general public.” 



Useful links for birders: