Match and Unscramble Activities!


Humans and animals face challenges when winter arrives! Test your winter knowledge with these two activities that you can do on a cold winter day!  Check your answers below.


Answers to How do Animals Adapt to Winter:

  1. Bats – Grow thicker fur AND hibernate. (The Hoary Bat is the exception as it is believed to migrate from Alberta to warmer places.
  2. Grizzly Bear – Grow thicker fur AND hibernate.
  3. Ruffed Grouse – have specialized comb like growths on their feet for walking on snow and they plunge into deep snow to sleep or hide from predators.
  4. Yellow Warbler – migrates (flies as far as South America)
  5. Canada Jays (also known as Whiskey Jacks) store food year round by molding it into a blob mixed with saliva which they hide behind bark, under lichens, etc.
  6. Long Tailed Weasels (in the photo), Short Tailed Weasels and Least Weasels are all Alberta species that turn white in response to changes in the number of hours of daylight. They also grow thicker fur to help them stay warm.
  7. Coyotes (and many other mammals who live in Alberta) grow thicker fur in response to the change in the number of hours of daylight.
  8. Snowshoe Hares, like weasels turn white as winter arrives. They also grow thicker fur and have special large hind feet for walking on snow!
  9. Red Squirrels grow thicker fur and store food in piles, dens, and tree cavities.
  10. White Breasted Nuthatches store food in caches and on the coldest winter nights, they huddle together in a tree cavity!

Answers to Word Scramble:

  1. Water
  2. Headlamp / Flashlight
  3. Food/Snacks
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Rain Coat
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Whistle
  8. Bear Spray
  9. Day Pack
  10. Extra Clothes

Map & Compass
Pocket Knife