Eagle Point Provincial Park to host Citizen Science Project

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Spring Means Get Outside and Explore Parks!

The days are longer, the nights are warmer! The sounds of geese and robins fill the air! Spring is in full swing in Drayton Valley! This mild spring weather makes it so inviting to explore the local parks and natural areas that we share with our local wildlife, including the many species of birds arriving from the south.

How Many Birds?

Are you aware that Eagle Point Provincial Park and Blue Rapids Provincial Recreation Area host around 148 species of birds from spring to fall? How many of these bird species can you identify? If you want to learn more about birds, we will be birding for science on May 8, 2021! Download the EPBR Bird Checklist.

But what is a Global Big Day?

Global bird counts are an important way for scientists to monitor bird populations and gage the health of ecosystems.  For the past few years, Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council has hosted our own citizen science project on International Migratory Bird Day through our Global Big Day event, counting birds with volunteers from over 175 countries! In 2020, we helped set a new world record, helping to count 6479 species globally in a single day!

We have Turkey Vultures Here?

We’re excited that more and more backyard birders are joining our Eagle Point team every year! Our bird count numbers have gone from 42 species and 225 individual birds in 2018 to 90 species and 1625 individual birds in 2020. In 2020, our participants logged a few out of the ordinary species including a Turkey Vulture, Orange Crowned Warbler, Prairie Falcon, Barred Owl, Great Gray Owls and Cormorants in addition to more common species!

Why not join us on Global Big Day – May 8, 2021? The birding tour starts at 7:00 am at Willey West Campground but you can count for as little as 15 minutes from your own neighbourhood or backyard if you prefer! Just share your final count by the following day via email to outreach@epbrparkscouncil.org.
Full details on how to participate are on our website at www.epbrparkscouncil.org/events/global-big-day-2021/.

Other Upcoming Events in our Parks

Other events we’re hosting in the upcoming two months include Eagle Point Fit Trip Trail Runners Camp (Sports Nutrition, Pilates, Yoga, Trails Runs, etc.) from April 23 to 25, Camping 101 (Learn the basics with fire starting, outdoor cooking, sleep systems, tent pitching, etc.) on May 8, 2021 and The Eagle Trail Triple Race Series from May to September! All of our events can be viewed on our website at www.epbrparkscouncil.org/events/.