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A Quick Survey About our Parks!

A Quick Survey About our Parks! What’s your knowledge of Eagle Point Provincial Park and Blue Rapids Provincial Recreation Area? Have you participated in any of our events? We want […]

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Trail and Camp Etiquette

I am no stranger to the trails….. This past year, it seems like everyone has taken up hiking (I don’t blame them – nature heals!).  However, many people are unaware […]

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Do you have any of the following items in your fridge or pantry? Red cabbage, blueberry juice, turmeric* powder, onion skins, spinach, avocado pits. These are a few of the vegetables and spices that you can use to make  your own Easter Egg Dyes!  Experiment with other items too!

Winter is Coming Education Links

WINTER is coming! Enjoy these informative links! ADVENTURE SMART. Great information on being prepared when you’re heading out for winter activities. Snowshoeing for Beginners – an article to inspire you […]

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Prepare for Winter!

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR WINTER WEATHER? By Erin Klatt It’s that time of year, when the days are shorter, the weather changes faster and you really need to be dressed […]

Outdoor Games for Families

Summer is fleeting so get out and get as much fresh air as you can with your family and friends! During COVID, please practise appropriate social distancing measuring. KICK THE […]