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Get Ready for Parks Day 2019

Eagle Point Parks Day at Willey West includes a full day of outdoor adventure and cultural activities for the whole family!

Eagle Point Loppet an Exciting Outdoor Competition in the Drayton Valley Area

Our local Pembina Nordic Club is hosting the Eagle Point Loppet once again this coming January 12, 2019! What is a Loppet anyways? The word loppet originates from the Norwegian word "løp" which means "a run or race." Cross Country Canada…

Snowshoes – A Canadian Icon with an International Story

Snowshoes - A Canadian Icon with an International Story Early Man and Snowshoes The snowshoe is a traditional icon of Canadian culture.  Many of us imagine a snow bound cabin deep in the Canadian wilderness, where traditional wooden snowshoes…

If Only Money Grew on Trees…..

By Sandra Bannard, Executive Director “If Only Money Grew on Trees… We’d be Rich.” Sounds a bit like the Bare Naked Ladies hit single from the 1990’s but for now we are using it as the slogan for the Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks…