Eagle Point Loppet an Exciting Outdoor Competition in the Drayton Valley Area

Our local Pembina Nordic Club is hosting the Eagle Point Loppet once again this coming January 12, 2019!

What is a Loppet anyways?

The word loppet originates from the Norwegian word “løp” which means “a run or race.”

Cross Country Canada defines it as “a great gathering of skiers who ski on a specifically groomed trail either classic (diagonal stride) or free (skating technique) of various distances.  Enormous amounts of food and drink are consumed during the event.  After there’s a party and celebratory banquet with awards and prizes and usually a time (dance).”

Loppet Comes to Drayton Valley in January 2019

That sounds like a lot of fun and we’re having a Loppet right here in Drayton Valley, at the Pembina Nordic Center, located 5.8 km west of the Hwy 22/Twp 494 junction.  Participants of all ages compete in several classes of events and have a lot of fun skiing through Pembina Nordic’s beautiful, impeccably groomed trail system!  Last year, over 100 participants came from all over Alberta!

Spectators can come out to cheer on the skiers or if you’d like to volunteer, the club would appreciate that too!

Registration for the Eagle Point Loppet will open soon on www.zone4.ca!

If you’d like to volunteer, call Rita at 780-514-6704.