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Get Ready for Parks Day 2019

Eagle Point Parks Day at Willey West includes a full day of outdoor adventure and cultural activities for the whole family!

Get Ready for Parks Day!

By Natalie Borzel, Education & Outreach Assistant Eagle Point – Blue Rapids Parks Council Parks Day is quickly approaching and Eagle Point—Blue Rapids Parks Council couldn’t be more excited to host a fun day filled with activities…

If Only Money Grew on Trees…..

By Sandra Bannard, Executive Director “If Only Money Grew on Trees… We’d be Rich.” Sounds a bit like the Bare Naked Ladies hit single from the 1990’s but for now we are using it as the slogan for the Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks…

Home Sweet Home!

By Sandra Bannard, Executive Director, Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council I am a big fan of Rick Mercer! Anyone who has watched the Mercer Report will be very familiar with the segment of the show where Rick does his weekly rant. Well…