March is here, and we’ve just about made it through another whirlwind Alberta winter. Now, let’s talk about spring! You know, the time when the streams start flowing again, and the birds kick up their tunes. But hold on a sec, have you ever thought about the other critters in the park? Yeah, I’m talking about the frogs, toads, and snakes!

But wait a second, where do these amphibians vanish to when winter hits?

The Wood Frog and Boreal Chorus Frog

Well, these two are not the best at digging underground to beat the chill. They’ve got a cooler trick up their sleeves – they freeze solid! Yes, when the cold hits, they go stiff as a board, but it’s all good because they’ve got this natural antifreeze thing going on. Tucked snugly under leaves, they wait it out until things warm up, then bam! They’re back, hopping around again. Neat, right?

(Wood Frog)

Let’s talk about the Boreal Toad

Now, unlike their Frog pals, it can’t handle being frozen solid. Instead, it burrows down deep into the soil where it’s cozy and warm. Come spring, it’s back on the scene, chowing down on insects like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously, one toad can eat thousands of bugs in a single summer – talk about a pest control pro!

(Boreal Toad)

We also have the Red-sided Garter Snake

In the summer, it’s a bit of a loner, but come winter, it’s all about that group hangout. These snakes cozy up in communal dens, with up to tens of thousands of other snakes, keeping each other warm until the frost thaws. Then, they’re out and about, soaking up the sun and snacking on whatever they can find.

(Red-sided Garter Snake)

These critters are vital to the Eagle Point Blue Rapids ecosystem

These critters are essential for keeping our parks ecosystems in tip-top shape. By keeping insect and small mammal populations in check, they serve as the silent champions of Eagle Point Blue Rapids. And, if you’re keen to get involved, why not join a citizen science program? Check out AVAMP, FrogWatch Alberta, or iNaturalist to get started. And hey, if you spot any of our cool critters out and about this spring, drop me a line at

So, as we gear up for spring, let’s not forget to give a shoutout to all the amazing creatures that call our park home. From the chirping birds to the snoozing snakes, they’re all part of what makes Eagle Point Blue Rapids such a special place.