Connecting with Nature – From Hip Waders to Stinging Nettle

From Hip Waders to Stinging Nettle…
Connecting with Nature and Experiencing the Outdoors with Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council
Kathy Schwengler, Education & Outreach Director

Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council is a non profit organization which provides free experiential environmental education programs to children and youth from September to July each year.

During our 2017-2018 season, our programs were enjoyed by over 2225 participants from the ages of 3 to 80 years old!


Introduction to Outdoor Survival – Connecting with Nature

Thinking Back on the 2017 – 2018 Season at EPBR….

This past season’s adventures with kids and families were awesome!  We did nature walks with the little ones, lit fires and chopped wood in the St. Anthony’s parking lot with teens, plowed through deep snow with compasses, caught frogs and dragonfly larva with grade 4 and 5 classes, snowshoed with families on Family Day, measured tree height at Willey West, played tug o’war on Parks Day, identified mushrooms with a large group at Hilltop Trails, got kids into hip waders, looked for bats with the DV Beavers, learned to use bear spray with Fish and Wildlife, found bird skulls in owl pellets with eager Grade 3s, captured snowflakes at Aurora, cooked and ate stinging nettles with Junior High students, spotted Peregrine Falcons on Global Big Day, admired bear tracks with ECS and so much more!

Pond Dipping in Hip Waders

Wonders of Wetlands – Connecting with Nature


What We Believe…

You may have picked up on the fact that a primary objective of our programs is to involve our participants in activities that create a connection and passion for the outdoors while having some fun!  It’s our firm belief that positive outdoor experiences need to start at a young age and that outdoor learning experiences are the building blocks of a future generation of active citizens who take care of their natural and human communities.

Our environmental education programs strengthen that connection with nature through enjoyable outdoor learning activities in the Eagle Point Provincial Park and Blue Rapids Provincial Recreation Area. View our current catalog at

Inspecting a Snowflake at Aurora Elementary

Science of Snow – connecting with nature

Our Future Depends on You…

Our Environmental Education Program continues because of the generosity of individuals and businesses who want our children and youth to experience a deeper connection with our wild spaces.

Please consider a tax deductible contribution to the Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council’s Environmental Education program! For more information on how you can help kids “Network with Nature”, contact Sandra Bannard, Executive Director of Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council at 780-898-5234.

Sugar Shuffle at Eldorado School

Treelympics – Connecting with Nature