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Educational Programs


Download a copy of Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council’s Environmental Education Program Catalog

A Brief Summary of our programs is below. 

For full details, download the complete catalog.


Program #1 – Biodiversity of the Parks System

Grade 9

How does human activity affect biodiversity in our natural areas?  Students, in the role of scientists, examine the difference between disturbed and undisturbed sites.  They explore the diversity in the areas including invasive and native species, human impact and more.
Program #2 – Bugology
Grade 2
This program focuses on small crawling and flying invertebrates that inhabit our parks systems.  Kids get hands on experience, investigating and observing a butterfly meadows, forest floor and water habitat.
Program #3 – Geocaching (currently not available)

Grade 7  & 9

This program will teach students how to use a GPS and provide an opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of GPS vs. a compass. Students will then go on a high-tech treasure hunt for caches placed along the trails! The Parks Council will supply the GPS’, maps and other materials required for this program. Students and teachers are invited to bring small trinkets or treasures of their own (ex. Key chains, pens, bracelet, etc.) to leave in the caches once they are found.

Program #4 – Introduction to Outdoor Survival

Grade 6 – 9, Adults

Get out of the classroom and into the wilderness of the boreal forest! Through hands-on activities, students will face challenges of outdoor survival and rewards of having the necessary skills. Students will discuss the essentials for surviving outdoors in all seasons (especially the cold boreal winters), will have the opportunity to search for their own natural tinder and kindling, and even light a small fire with flint and steel!  Students will learn the importance of teamwork for survival when participating in activities. We will discuss the responsibilities for personal safety that come with outdoor recreation. This program is not designed to be a survival course – rather to pique student interest in the subject of Outdoor Survival.

Program #5 – Marvelous Misunderstood Bats

Grade 1 to 3

Bats play a very important role in our Boreal ecosystem and need our protection! During this interactive presentation, students will learn all about the different kinds of bats in Alberta and throughout the world.  We will explore the parts of a bat, food sources, special adaptations (i.e. hibernation and echolocation), and threats to bat survival. Students will also have the chance to participate in fun games that allow them to experience the world as a bat! Different focuses will be made to match different grade curriculum links.

Program #6 – Nature’s Notions

Preschool – Grade 3

Join the Parks Council for a relaxing jaunt through the Boreal Forest. On the way, we will share with you our knowledge of the local flora & fauna that can be found in the region. We’ll listen for wildlife and other forest sounds, search the underbrush for insects,  imagine what it’s like to be an animal living in the forest and use our five senses to have a full experience of the wilderness. Added activities included nature crafts, hoola hoop habitat, nature stories and more.

Program #7 – Nature’s Recyclers

Grade 4

In this program, students will discover what types of plants, animals, and fungi are nature recyclers! Through hands-on activities, students will learn more about how plant and animal waste and dead matter is recycled in our world.  Students will have the opportunity to search for decomposers in the forest and search through soil samples to observe them up close. We will discuss the importance of these sometimes overlooked creatures for humans and the environment. This program can be delivered while visiting a local trail system, a Parks Council recreational facility, or a forested area behind or near your school. Students will compare nature’s recyclers to human recycling to make connections regarding the importance of breaking down and recycling matter.

Program #8 – Owl Discovery

Age appropriate for grades 3 and up.

Students will learn about owls, their food and their digestion processes through a powerpoint presentation followed by hands on activity of dissecting owl pellets to see what kind of animals the owl has eaten.  Classroom appropriate.

Program #9 – Science of Snow

Kindergarten to Grade 2

Students will learn how snowflakes are formed and create some snowflakes of their own during this program!  They will also learn about winter animal adaptations that allow wildlife in Alberta to survive our long winters. Students will then venture outside to build quinzee snow shelters for their little critters and have some fun playing interactive games which teach them about winter habitats and hibernation.

Program #10 – Snowshoes

All Ages

Take your class on a snowshoeing adventure in the backyard of your school or on a local parks system trail, with or without Eagle Point Staff.  We have snowshoes which can accomodate persons from 18 kg to 114 kg in stock.  $20/day includes up to 20 pairs of snoeshoes, $50/day includes up to 52 pairs of snowshoes.  Guided snowshoe tours for adults are available for a minimum of 6 participants for $25/person for a two hour tour.

Program #11 – Tracks and Scat

All Ages

Using simulated tracks and scat, students will learn about our local wildlife.  Students may make their own “track” to take home or head into the woods to find real life samples of the tracks and scat they studied in the classroom.

Program #12 – Treelympics

Grade 4

This is an active, outdoor experience where students are challenged  to compete against the forest in several “olympic” style events through which students learn about the every “feats” of trees!  This is one of our most popular programs.  The kids love it!

Program #13 – Trees & Forests

Grades 4 & 6

Participants will learn about the trees and shrubs of our local park systems.  Using maps to explore self guided stations, they will gain skills in recognizing and describing structural features of trees and plants, investigate forest habitats, consider human impact on the forest, learn about responsible forest use and touch on tree sampling and measuring techniques.

Program #14 – Wilderness Primer

Junior High

This 10 module program is curriculum linked to the Junior High Outdoor Education program.  Parks Staff can facilitate all 10 modules for a fee of $600, or choose to book one or two modules for free. Topics include bushcraft (fire starters, camp tools, fire lighting, foraging, outdoor hygience), shelters, basic first aid, woods travel, bear safety, navigation, preparedness and more.

Program #15 – Wonders of Wetlands

Grades 5 & 8

Let’s visit a body of water (either a local pond or a wetland in the Park) to discover what types of plants and animals call ponds home! Through hands-on activities, students will learn more about wetland ecosystems. search for wetland creatures, and observe them up close using their pond dipping kits. We will also touch on abiotic factors and weather. Different focuses will be made to match different grade’s curriculum links.

Program #16 – Wonders of Wetlands/Reclamation Study in Partnership with Tervita

Grade 5 & 8

We partner with Tervita to offer a full day wetlands/reclamation program.  Students spend half the day doing Wonders of Wetlands program (see above) and the other half of their day, they tour a reclamation facility and do ground water testing to learn about new and improved ways that industry can manage industrial wastes.  This program includes lunch provided by Tervita. Book early – only a limited number of this program booking are available each season!

Program #17 – NEW! Metis Traditions (Pilot Program) in Partnership with Metis Local 888

Grade 4

Students are immersed in a full day cultural program facilitated by Metis presenters, including Tipi Teachings, Talking Stick, Medicine Wheel and Trappers Lifestyle.  Students will learn about smudging and taste bannock, sit in a real tipi and see real furs.  Limited bookings available!

Program #18 – NEW! Action for Energy (Pilot Program)

Grade 5, 9,10

Choose from several modules designed to educate and inspire participants to make a change and reduce greenhouse gases in their homes and schools.  Hands on activities, solar facility tour, energy metering technology, solar ovens, tree planting and more will have the students gaining an understanding of alternative energy sources and electricity.