Educational Programs

Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council offers a variety of nature based programs which are available to schools, youth groups and private organizations. Most of our programs are free for schools and non-profits!
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Summary of Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council’s Environmental Education Programs

Program #1 – Nature’s Notions –  May to October
This program is suitable for our younger participants and includes a nature hike, story time in a Tipi, hula hoop habitats, nature crafts and more. Grade 1 to 3.

Program #2 – Bugology  – May to September
Bugology reinforces the Grade 2 Science’s Small Flying and Crawling Animals unit through a Mini Beast Safari, Butterfly Meadows and a look a pond life or river life (depending on our location).  Hands on activities in a natural setting! Grade 2 Science.

Program #3 – The Science of Snow –  November to March
Science of Snow is suitable for our younger audiences!  Students will learn how snowflakes are formed and create some snowflakes of their own during this program! They will also learn about winter animal adaptations that allow wildlife in Alberta to survive our long winters. Students will then venture outside to build quinzee snow shelters, hunt for real snowflakes and play some interactive games in the snow. Grade 1 Science.

Program #4 – Fur, Skulls and Antlers – Year Round
This hands-on Natural History presentation allows students to get a close look and feel of some furs, antlers and skulls of our local animals while learning about their survival challenges, habitats and characteristics. Suitable for Grade 1, 3 Science and General Interest.

Program #5 – Marvellous Misunderstood Bats –  Year Round
Bats play a very important role in our boreal ecosystem and need our protection! During this interactive presentation, students will learn about the different kind of bats in Alberta and throughout the world.  Suitable for our younger audiences.

Program #6 – Owl Discovery –  Year Round
This hands-on owl pellet dissection allows children to explore the basics of owl adaptations and will allow them to explore and identify tiny bones of the animals the owl has eaten. Please give two weeks notice when booking this program. General Interest.

Program #6 – Tracks & Scat – Year Round
Join Eagle Point-Blue Rapids staff to explore the tracks and scats of our local wildlife.  Can be done as an in-class presentation with some hands-on time or as an outdoor excursion (winter). General Interest.

Program #8 – Nature’s Recyclers – May to October
Students get their hands “dirty” sampling different soil sites for decomposers, playing decomposer bingo and having a closer look at the trash humans leave behind.Students will learn that fungi, bacteria and invertebrates break down the waste products of the forests.  Fits in with the Grade 4 Science Waste and our World unit.

Program #9 – Metis Traditions – May and June
A full day Metis cultural program at Willey West Campground which includes Tipi Teachings, The Medicine Wheel, The Talking Stick and Metis Lifestyles, facilitated by Metis Local 888 Drayton Valley in partnership with Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council.  Fits in with the Grade 4 Social Studies Stories, Histories and Peoples of Alberta unit. Grade 4 Social Studies.

Program #10 – Treelympics – May to October
Students will pit their strength and endurance against trees with outdoor games that simulate tree functions. This Olympic style event will demonstrate how the ordinary processes of trees are truly wondrous and amazing feats of nature! A whole lot of fun for all participants!  Fits in with the grade 4 Science Plants and Growth unit. Students may get wet!

Program #11A – Wonders of Wetlands Pond Study  –  May to September
Through hands-on activities, students will learn about pond ecosystems (Grade 5), have opportunities to search for pond dwellers and observe them up close. We look at wetland habitats, water quality, evidence of terrestrial animals and uplands flora. Fits in with Grade 5 Science Wetlands Ecosystems unit.

Program #11B – Wonders of Wetlands/Reclamation Study in Partnership with Tervita  – May to September.Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council & Tervita partner to immerse students in a full day program at Tervita’s Drayton Valley Land Treatment Facility. Find out what’s involved in restoring the site back to its original environment as a fully functioning boreal forest, inhabited by plants and wildlife! Students will explore and learn about the wetlands and ecosystem of the site, as well as learning about new and improved ways that industry manages industrial waste. Tervita supplies a barbecue lunch for students! Limited number of bookings/season! Grade 5/8 Science.

Program #12 – Trees & Forests – May to October
Participants use maps to discover self-guided stations throughout a forested area. The stations give participants hands on opportunity to do tree surveys, use dichotomous keys on real trees and shrubs, look for life and death in the forest and ply some forestry skills.  Fits in with Grade 6 Science Trees and Forests unit.

Program #13 – Evidence & Investigation – May to October.
Students stretch their investigative skills and learn about protecting parks during a classic game of whodunit. They collect evidence and interview suspects while trying to figure out who broke Park Regulations. Fits in with Grade 6 Science Evidence and Investigation unit.

Program #14 – Introduction to Outdoor Survival  – September to June.
Outdoor preparedness, fire lighting with flint and steel, knife skills, emergency shelters and more help our participants get a taste of what’s involved when choosing to do outdoor treks and hikes into the wilderness.  Suitable for junior high Outdoor Education programs, physical education programs.

Program #15 – Geocaching – Year Round.
Willey West Campground and  Hilltop Trails have several geocaches ready to go for your program. Participants learn to find their way using location coordinates (longitude, latitude) and trail maps. Participants will also learn Geocaching etiquette. This program requires students to use a smart phone device equipped with google maps, apple maps, geocaching app or motion-X GPS. We no longer supply GPS devices for this program.  Geocaches often contain items which can be taken by finders in exchange for items of similar or greater value – make sure participants bring items they can leave in their finds. Touches on Grade 7 Social Studies Dimensions of Thinking unit and Grade 9 Math Shape and Space unit, Junior High Outdoor Education.

Program #16 – Action for Energy – September to June.
Participants develop climate literacy, explore electricity and alternative sources of energy through hands on activities, demos and tours. This program includes classroom follow up activity.
Option 1 – Climate Literacy presentation, tour of Drayton Valley’s Centre for Water Intelligence, optional solar oven construction or Action for Energy life size game.
Option 2 – Rotary-Pembina Nordic Outdoor Education Centre tour, alternative energy activities including solar panel exploration and biomass measurements, circuit meter technology demo, Action for Energy life size game.
Curriculum links include Grade 5 Electricity & Magnetism, Grade 7 Nutrient Cycles, Grade 9 Electrical Principles & Technology.

Program #17 – Eagle Point River Study –  June to October.
Students measure abiotic and biotic factors  at two sites along the North Saskatchewan River to determine water quality differences.  This program includes hands-on chemistry, river sampling and invertebrate netting.  Please have participants dress appropriately (rubber boots and safety glasses).  Fits in well with Grade 8 Science program on Fresh Water Ecosystems.

Program #18 – Citizen Science – Making a Difference September to June.
Participants learn how to get involved in important data collection and experience hands-on Citizen Science Projects – bird counts, amphibian counts, river or creek monitoring, shore-line clean ups, etc.  Active field work! This activity may be done over a day or a span of dates.

Program #19 – Wilderness Primer – September to May.
Our staff can facilitate up to 10 modules* on outdoor education, wilderness preparedness and wilderness travel with your students. Youth will experience fun activities which promote a healthy awareness and appreciation for the outdoors.  EPBR Parks Council Staff will facilitate all 10 modules for a fee of $600. Individual modules may be booked without a fee. Suitable for Junior High Outdoor Education program.

Program #20 – Snowshoe Program – Winter Season.
The Parks Council has snowshoes in various sizes available for school and youth groups! You can pick up the snowshoes at our office or request a staff member to join your group as a guide and to provide a bit of history on snowshoeing in Canada and the world.  There is a minimal fee for snowshoe use.