An Exciting Announcement for Environmental Education in the Drayton Valley Area!

As you may know, Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council is a non-profit organization which helps manage Eagle Point Provincial Park and Blue Rapids Provincial Recreation Areas.

Promoting a Positive Relationship with Nature

Experiential Environmental Education is a big part of what we do.  The need for children and youth to “Network with Nature and Connect to Wellness” has never been greater, as all ages struggle to find a balance in the age of electronic devices.  We strive to create positive experiences in nature for all of our participants; experiences which can promote both physical and mental well-being.  This year, we’ve had record participation in our programs and our reach has expanded to include participants from many communities around Drayton Valley!

Exciting Announcement

Edmonton Community Foundation, in partnership with the Drayton Valley Community Foundation, has recognized the importance of our Environmental Education program strategy “Networking with Nature, Connecting to Wellness! ” Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council wants to thanks them for their generous financial support as they pledge to contribute $66,500 every year for three years to help us help kids reconnect with nature!