Environmental Protection

Alberta’s parks preserve landscapes, biodiversity, natural features, cultural history and outdoor experiences that represent our province. The Eagle Point – Blue Rapids Provincial Park/Recreation Area system have been legally designated under the Alberta Parks Act. The legislation that each park is established under defines its classification and provides direction for its management.

The Eagle Point – Blue Rapids Parks Council link to About section is a grassroots non‐profit organization comprised of local recreational member organizations, landowners, government, and industry representatives who are responsible for the planning, funding, and management of the Eagle Point Provincial Park and the Blue Rapids Provincial Recreational Area in partnership with Alberta Parks under a joint management plan. We bring a local community perspective and effort to bring enhanced management, funding and attention to these special places. Environmental protection is our joint priority.

Special management attention is focused on the numerous industrial activities that exist in the Eagle Point – Blue Rapids system.

The Eagle Point – Blue Rapids Parks Council has developed a Reclamation Strategy to guide reclamation of industrial sites and has undertaken several important restoration and reclamation projects. Read the summary Reclamation Summary.

In order to manage the two parks in an environmentally sustainable manner, the Eagle Point – Blue Rapids Parks Council has conducted many biophysical surveys resulting in a bird listwater bird and bird habitat guideslists of mammalsfishplants and vegetation classification and summary as well as a vegetation guidereptiles and amphibians, and significant natural features.