Project Description

Off Highway Vehicle Riding

A safe and enjoyable family riding experience with a focus on preserving the environment for future generations.

If family riding is what thrills you, then there are 75 kilometers of maintained trails, with some trail bridges, along the North Saskatchewan River valley. These trails were built and are maintained by the Brazeau ATV Club.

Trail Ethics: 

  • Know that facilities have been provided for your enjoyment. Please use them safely and responsibly
  • Respect others; slow, yield to, and greet all others
  • Respect private property
  • Respect nature and the environment
  • Leave only footprints or wheel tracks behind
  • Do not mistreat wildlife
  • Stay on the trail and respect the rights of adjacent landowners / users (oilfield)
  • Stop before, and carefully cross every intersecting road
  • Help anyone who is in trouble or has less trail experience
  • Avoid showing off or performing stunts
  • Observe posted speed limits
  • Report any crimes witnessed, including poaching
  • Enjoy the beauty of the trails and the pleasure of recreational activity
  • Be a Trail Steward
  • Do not use or carry alcohol or drugs

Safety for Kids and ATVs:

Kids age 16 and younger should not ride an ATV. To reduce the risk of an accident or injury, anyone riding an ATV should follow these tips before and during riding:

  • Take a safety certification program to learn how to operate an ATV safely
  • Ride an ATV that’s right for your size and age
  • Always wear an approved helmet and eye protection
  • Wear long pants, long sleeves, gloves, and over-the-ankle boots to help prevent scrapes and cuts
  • Only ride during daylight hours
  • Always ride at a safe speed on a designated ATV trail
  • Know basic first aid to treat minor injuries, and be able to get help in an emergency

It’s important to never do the following while riding an ATV:

  • Never ride on a three-wheel ATV
  • Never ride while drinking alcohol or using drugs
  • Never ride on paved surfaces or public roads (except to cross them)
  • Never exceed the limit of passengers allowed by the manufacturer
  • Never allow kids and teens to drive another passenger

ATV riding will always be risky — and because they’re fun, many kids and teens will want to try them. There are no guarantees that kids won’t get hurt, even with precautions and protective laws in place. But by making sure that riders follow safety precautions and know how to use ATVs safely, parents can do their best to help protect them from being injured.