Project Description

Horseback Riding

Sit astride your horse and gaze at the gorgeous Pembina River valley. The closed forest trail gives way to scenic views. Breathe in the healing power of pine trees on the fresh summer breeze and feel the warmth of the horse beneath you. Ride western style. Discover the nature of the land from the saddle, just as the explorers did centuries ago.

Release your inner cowboy and experience life on a horse for a few hours.

There are excellent equestrian trails very close to Eagle Point Provincial Park and Blue Rapids Provincial Recreation Area (see below next section).

Trail Development Plans

Eagle Point Provincial Park and Blue Rapids Recreation Area are located at the beginning the Alberta Cowboy Trail route and there are plans for equestrian trails that promises to be an excellent starting point for your future horse riding vacation.

The Eagle Point Blue Rapids Provincial Parks Council is working with the Drayton Valley Horse Club, a registered non-profit organization with over 100 members. The organization’s mission is to increase equestrian use in the Drayton Valley area by providing good equestrian opportunities locally. Currently no dedicated Horse Club trails exist in either the Eagle Point Provincial Park or the Blue Rapids Provincial Recreation Area.

The proposed trails will include a staging areas with parking, user-maintained overnight camping, environmentally friendly outdoor toilets, manure bins, horse hitching rails/tie stalls, fire pits, a watering area for horses, picnic tables and a kiosk for maps and information on the trail system and club information (see the concept).

Pembina Riverside Equestrian Trails

While the new trails are being conceptualized horse enthusiasts continue to ride the Pembina Riverside Trails built and maintained by the Drayton Valley Horse Club. The trails are located along the windy Pembina River located west of Drayton Valley. With approximately 80km of trails trail riders will always have something new to see and discover on the Pembina Riverside Trails.

Directions to the staging area
Pembina Riverside Trail Map

The staging area consists of five campsites with box corrals, tie stalls for 16 horses. These campsites are for equestrian use only. No off road vehicles are allowed in the staging area. Maintenance of trails and staging area are done by volunteers and made possible by membership fees, grants, and donations.