Project Description


Cycling to and within the Eagle Point Provincial Park is an adrenaline rush that gets you ready for anything; pavement, gravel or off-road we’ve got it. Bordering the Provincial Park is a beautiful circuit of roads with wide shoulders and rolling views. Roads leading into the trails systems are either paved or graded gravel roads.

Within the Eagle Point Provincial Park there are three trail systems totalling 35 km that are designated for mountain biking during the summer months; the Pembina Rotary Community Trails North (also known as the Pembina Nordic Ski Trails), the Pembina Rotary Community South Trails and the Hilltop/Hillside Trails. Each trail system varies in difficulty and they are perfect to get you ready for that first mountain trip.

In addition to cycling and mountain biking, try hiking, and outdoor, cross-country jogging and running.

Trail Systems

The Pembina Rotary Community South Trails are located just adjacent to the east side of Drayton Valley. The 7 km of trails are well travelled and border the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Stay above the embankment or cycle down to the flats. Bring your mobile device with QR Code Scanner and turn your cycle into an interpretative adventure.

The Pembina Rotary Community North Trails are located 7 km northeast of Drayton Valley. The 16 km of trails are well travelled and border the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Most of the trails stay above the embankment with a few beautiful exceptions.

The Hilltop and Hillside Trails are located on the east side of the North Saskatchewan River near Willey West Campground and just off of Range Road 71, these 9.7 km of trails meander up and down the steep terrain of the North Saskatchewan River embankments. Cycling these trails promises to be a heart pumping experience. For a slower pace, bring your mobile device with your QR Code Scanner to turn the Hilltop Trail into an interpretative experience.