Project Description

Cross Country Skiing

Quietly gliding through forested trails, you turn a corner and laid before you is the wide North Saskatchewan River Valley. In the valley below you see fresh snow covering the East and West side of the river embankments with a narrow section of unfrozen river meandering through the center. Peering out you wonder if you can see any wildlife. High above you an eagle call catches your attention. As your heart beat starts to calm you feel the sheer exhilaration of being out among the trees on the gorgeous Pembina Nordic Ski Trails!

The  trails follow a wooded corridor, at times opening up with sweeping views of the steep slopes and vistas of the North Saskatchewan River Valley in Eagle Point Provincial Park.

Located along the west side of the North Saskatchewan River, more than 20 km of Nordic ski trails are maintained by members of the Pembina Nordic Ski Club.  The trails consist of four loops that range in degree of difficulty.

Some of the best Nordic ski trails in the province, these trails are groomed regularly and see visitors from throughout the region. When you are planning your winter trips make sure to mark the Pembina Nordic Ski Trails as one of your vacation destinations.