Project Description


Imagine roasting marshmallows around an open fire with the glow of the moon above you and the sounds of owls and other night creatures all around. Picture spending a night out in nature and getting away from the craziness of everyday life for awhile.

If you love the outdoors, having campfires and want to take some time to relax, than camping is the perfect activity for you.

Head on down to Willey West Campground where you can spend some time with family, friends or even by yourself out in nature. Willey West has a beautiful and large park for the kids to play on and a volley ball court for some family fun. The campground also includes a number of sites with full hookups for R.V’s and trailers and also many tenting spot’s as well. Each site also has campfire pits to roast supper on an open fire and picnic tables to enjoy supper around.

Willey West is right off the North Saskatchewan and is covered in beautiful trees and bush. Willey West also has a nature trail to walk and experiences more of nature as well.