Project Description


Your heart thumps and your breath catches in your throat as you peer at your mark through your sight. You release your arrow and in one graceful glide it soars through the air and tags your mark. Bulls eye!

If you are an archer and you are visiting the Eagle Point Provincial Park then you are in for a real treat. Eagle Point Provincial Park is home to a 3D archery experience that traverses through a series of trails as well as an outdoor archery range. The range is outfitted with outdoor toilet facilities and primitive camping facilities.

Archery has grown exponentially in Drayton Valley. In large part, this is due to the efforts of the Brazeau Bowbenders Archery Club and SCI Drayton Valley Chapter, promoting the National Archery in Schools Program. The Brazeau Bowbenders Archery Club is also the club affiliated with the management of the archery facilities within Eagle Point Provincial Park. Please contact the club for information and permission to use the archery facilities here.