Drayton Valley Paddling Club

Recreational paddling for people of all ages and skill levels.

The Drayton Valley Paddling Club (DVPC) was created as a non-profit organization in 2006.

Club Goals:

• Promote recreational paddling for individuals of all ages and skill levels.
• Provide opportunities for members to learn about paddling safety, learn the regulatory requirements for equipment, and develop environmental awareness through training, courses, and practice on the water.
• Advocate a sustainable paddling environment in the Drayton Valley and Brazeau County area through a “Leave No Trace” philosophy.
• Provide a liaison with the Eagle Point Blue Rapids Provincial Parks, and other user groups to ensure that our resources are preserved and maintained for future generations.
• Provide networking opportunities for paddlers to meet and have fun.


  • Canoe and kayak adventures
  • Instruction and skill building for beginners
  • Day trips or overnight stays

For further information and membership queries please visit us on Facebook, or email us.