Bowbenders Archery Club

Training and education facilities for archers of all ages.

The Brazeau Bowbenders Archery Club offers both an indoor and outdoor shooting range for archery hobbyists and competition shooters alike. The range is located in Eagle Point Provincial Park on the east side of the North Saskatchewan River. Using the facilities requires the permission of the Club.

The Archery Club is a gathering place for those who share a common passion for archery and the great outdoors. The club also educates on the basic fundamentals of archery, with all ages welcomed.


  • Annual Shooting Sports Challenge
  • Three-dimensional archery trails
  • Tournaments held throughout the year

For further information or membership queries contact Brazeau Bowbenders on Facebook, Dudley’s Outdoor Escape at 780-621-3339 or email us. You may also view and print our brochure.